Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The companion to this earring is missing.
I'm pretty sure it jumped out of my ear sometime yesterday. Though sadly that means it is in downtown Minneapolis, somewhere.
If you see it, drop it off at my store. My good friend Nicole made them and they are one of my favorites.

Though if the match doesn't end up being found, I may just have to make a necklace out of the lone earring. Though it will look sad hanging there on its own.

On a better note, Beth for Darn.Knit.{Anyway} was coming along great.

There is the back all knit up.
That said, there is something not right about it. I messed up one of the rows and now the pattern repeat is too long in one spot.

You can see it better in this close up.
Now if it was just for me, I might let is slide. It is not for me though. That my friends means that no imperfections can be let to slide.

So I'm re-working the back as week speak. Nice think about chunky yarn, it will go quickly the second time.

One thing did go pretty well today.
I made jam out of some of my raspberries and some of the chocolate mint. I even took the time to push it through a sifter to get the seeds out.

I topped a little vanilla ice cream with the cooled jam as a treat. It was very nice. So I think more jam my just be in my future, when it's cooler out.


Chris said...

Alas about your earring and having to redo the back of the sweater!

Wow, that jam is BRIGHT.

Nicole Collodoro said...

I can make you a new earring!