Wednesday, September 29, 2010

links for your pleasure

It would seem that Sept or Oct are quiet months here on the blog.
This time it's because the depression and anxiety is making itself comfy in my head.

So, in an attempt to dislodge it, I though I would make a post of things I like.

Miss MadeByGirl's string pendant light is something I'm totally going to do for my stairway to the bedroom light fixture

I want to start making quilts one of these days. So, I might have to try this one from TwoLittleBanshees.

When I finally get my angora bunny I will have to make it a home like this one from Design*Sponge

I think this old school bottle opener would be perfect for HT now that he is brewing beer.

And finally something snuggly to leave you with. A post from Modish all about pretty french kitties.

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Chris said...

Oh, that wall-mounted bottle opener is cool!