Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aunti M...

I will soon be called "Auntie M". My sister is going to be having a little one.
(not the little one in the picture, this is HT's Second Cousin)

At first I was a little wiered out by this. Also I was having a major downward turn. But now, I'm looking forward to lavishing knits on the little one.

Things like this Baby Sophisticate cardie. It is cute and gender neutral.

The Saartje Booties will have to be made again. Though I will have to try knitting them in DK weight yarn. They might just last a little longer that way.

After seeing MammaGrouch's Swing Thing, I might just have to make one for the little 'un.
(ravelry link, remember you to can find way to many patterns and ideas with what to make your stash into, join today.)

And when the kid gets a little older or odder, a Kiddie Cadet had.
That way s/he can dress like cool Auntie M.

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Chris said...

Congrats on your upcoming auntihood!!

I highly recommend some baby bibs from kitchen cotton - bright and funny and very absorbent. Much beloved by every parent to whom they've been gifted.