Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day trip'in

If you have wandered over to Stumbling over Chaos, you might have seen that there was snow happening the other day.

Here we have proof. The flowers survived and there are some pumpkins hiding behind there. So, the snow was pretty. But it was not welcome. The fact that i'm on vacation and didn't have to worry about the snow at the store, now that was welcomed.

So I decided yesterday to take a little day trip to Stillwater, MN. It was great to see some water, yellow leaves and the only snow was melting snow.

Main St Stillwater is pretty cute. I think the next time family comes up we are
going to have to take them here. The Ms. Pacman window art is from a food
place. It looked tasty, I didn't stop to eat.

I did stop to look at yarn though :)
This is Darn.Knit(Anyway) a nice new shop. They have yarn, fabric and art.
They have been looking for local (mn or maybe wi since it's right across the
river) artists. It was nice talking to Carly about the shop and about a camera
for the shop ;) Even on vacation I talk cameras.

There was some yarn bought (i'll show you in another post) and they were
super cool and gave me a reusable shopping bag with their logo on it.
It's a very cute bag and it will get a lot of work.

So, if you are feeling like a day trip. Stillwater is just about 30hr to 45min away.

I know I'll be going back.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall update

So here is a little "What's going on around the Iki house"
Well, we have been cleaning. We have been rearranging the bed room (HT did that) and we have been getting the yard ready for after "The Fall".

The pumpkins turned out well. Not as many as I thought there would be. Though there are a few that will be good for baking. 3 for baking 4 for carving, not bad for a first try. There are still a lot of tomatos on the vines. I don't think they are going to turn red any time soon. I'm going to have to try out fryin' them up I think.

We think these are Spaghetti squash. There are about 6 of them in total. Not sure what to do with them really. We also had 2 acorn squash. They were made last Wednesday for dinner. Turned out pretty tasty. The peppers that were living next to all this squash just started making peppers. Sadly they too will not get much bigger before the frost comes.

I've decided to take the blanket I was making out of squares and scrap it. I saw MomRKnits working on a 10 stitch shawl and thought "By, the Log Cabin would be an easy thing to work on". So, the squares will be made into pillows or something. It's coming along well. It's Knitpicks Wool of the Andies on size 8us needles. I'm going to save aside the center yarn for the edging. It's the discontinued Mainline. I really love the cotton wool mixture. It will make a nice soft edge.

The guest room (aka Grimlock's room) has gotten a work out this Sept. Our friends Mr & Mrs Toons came up for a lovely wedding (still have to get our gift in the mail as we forgot to bring it.) And HT's Mom and Dad came up the next weekend. It's nice to host people in the house. I just wish I could take more time off to spend with them all.
Well I'm off to drink some more tea (got a bit of a chest cold). Remember, the best way to warm the house on a cold day, is to bake something, cook something, or put some kitty treats on your lap and have more hidden in your pockets.