Sunday, August 17, 2008

bad ju-ju

So I think I have bad Sock Ju-Ju right now.

I frogged the Noro socks. They just weren't looking right. The Mam'Rav socks have been re-worked again. Though I tried them on last night and well, yah. They went up to my arch but there is no way they would go over my heal.

When my mom comes up to help move I'll have to have her try them on. She is about a size and a half smaller than me, foot wise. So maybe they'll fit her just right. (crosses fingers) But till then, they are in time out.

Though this week there wont be a lot of knitting. I'm getting boxes packed (yes some a little too heavy but hey I haven't done this in about 4 years).

This next weekend can't come fast enough.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

err Hello.

( a picture of grasses, because soon i'll have a lawn to mowe. )

So I haven't been blogging much. Not a ton going on.

Went to KC for wedding reception. It was nice. There were cupcakes.

Have been working a lot and getting ready for stupid GOP convention. Already wishing I could just lock the doors and not deal with it.

Have been thinking about things for the house we need. Things like lawn mowers, ladders, water hoses, ect. Haven't started packing up really yet. I have all the old crafting tools packed up. Just because I don't use them a lot any more. Going to have to start really packing soon. I'm thinking about going through my cloths again just to get rid of some things so I don't have to move them.

Well its time to wander of and think about more things.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun with iso.

So I had the day off today and though I would ride my bike a bit. Sadly, the back tire, that my Ass. Manager re-tubed for me, is completely flat.

So I took a walk instead.
It was a day to shoot. The sky is just a great blue color. The first shot of the day is at the top. At iso 1600, it's a bit blown out, but I still like it. Sort of a surrealist sunflower.

This one is taken at the proper iso for the day, iso 100. Same flower, to very different looks. Both pretty nice.

I love the balcony at this house. It's just so pretty with the brick.

I got some yogurt and egg salad and headed to Lake of the Ilse to sit by water and eat lunch. I'm reading Persepolis: the story of a childhood by Marjane Satrapi. It's really engaging. I got a little more than half way through before I though "hum it's hot and i still have some egg salad in my bag... better head home." I'm going to read a little more later today.

Oh and if you are wondering about the odd combo of egg salad and yogurt, well there's a good (ish) answer. HT and I are trying to get back into "fighting" shape. I weighed myself yesterday :( it was 160. I'm hoping it's a lie, but my pants say otherwise. So, more walking, 2 weeks of lots of protean, no breads/carbs, then slowly reintroducing good whole grains and small portions back into the life.

Here's to hoping it will work.