Thursday, November 29, 2007


Your friendly neighborhood Grimlock would like to remind you that this is the season of giving and being kind. So when you are out shopping, please remember to be kind to the workers. And don't forget to get something for Toys-For-Tots. They are a good organization that brings smiles to little and sometimes bigger faces.

( I purchased a few Knitting Kits to donate. I mean what better way to spread knitting to another generation then by giving gifts of kits. links to kits 1, 2 )

Thank You, and now back to your regularly scheduled knitting talk.
This is the hat for HT's mom. I think it turned out pretty well. I didn't get to go to knitting with the Moonies and show it off this week. I was busy hunting through old bills looking for proof. Boy do i hate medial stuff.

I've got a sleeve almost finished on HT's sweeter. Then it's on to the next one. I've got the knit-picks yarn for the coffee holders for the emps. I'm almost finished with a DS-Lite holder for Panda. All in all a lot of good knitting has been happening.

I'm not going as fast as I would like though because HT got Mass Effect this last week. I've been playing it and it's pretty fun. I like that I can be a female and don't have to run around as a guy all the time. Mind you it's a sexy female but at least she doesn't have huge boobs. It helps make her like able. That and there's quite the little love store developing with the cute second in command guy. Your the first in command. I'm kinda wondering how that goes.

Monday, November 19, 2007


.....this is why you block your socks before you wear them. :) I didn't bother, thinking hey I'll have to wash them after anyway. So now I have blue feet. (and yes i haven't painted my toes in a long long time.)

My Scar socks are done. If i was still in the Sock Wars I wouldn't have won. I've finished the hat for my brother, just have to block it and show it off at knit night. I tried to knit a hat for HT's mom, but I think it's a bit too small. So I'm going to pop by the yarn store tomorrow and pick up some new yarn and needles and try again.

We went to the ButterBall the other night. It was packed with people. I looked pretty and so did HT and BFR (best friend R). I've decided that I need to knit up a black wrap though. It would have helped keep some of the creepy peoples hands of my back. And it will be something pretty that i've made.

Off to look at more warp patterns.

Friday, November 16, 2007

hi, it's been a while

Thought I would drop by and post. I got my package from my swap pal Gail. It was really nice. Lots of pumpkin things, new yarn, and a really tasty treat. HT and I dug in to it last night. It was hard to get through all the tasty outside to the tasty apple inside. Oh boy was there a sugar rush happening. :)

I've been keeping the little sheep that she sent at work. He's my little, stay calm its only a job, fuzzy yarn sheep guy. It's nice.

I've made a hat for HT's Mom. But i think I might have to give it to the baby. It's a bit on the small side. I think I had a gage issue. I'm going to try to pick up some us8c to try and do a different hat for her.

I got notice from Knitpicks today that they shipped my order. Though I had to have them ship it slow because the gift card thing i was using only had $25 on it. But it should come right as things get hectic at work so that will be nice. It's yarn for the "Thanks for surviving the Holiday" gift for my emps. Is it too nice to knit your emps something? There is only 5 of them. It's going to be the Sling from Knitty. It's are really clever idea. That and when We do coffee runs it will be easier to bring them all back.

Well time to write up the meeting notes for tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Old School.

" R2! Where are you?!" That's easy, on my head. I'm making the R2-D2 hat from CasandraKnits. I modified the pattern a little bit. Added a red eye for the droid. I hope my Brother likes it. It was the only thing I could think to knit that would really suit him.

You see he was the one who introduced me to all the geeky things I love. Star Wars, Final Fantasy, JRRTolken, and then I took it from there. Then I took it on to things like Firefly, Shadow Run, Katamari and so on.

So what better to give my first geeky friend than an R2-D2 hat. Maybe next year it will be a Jayne hat. That is if i can get him into FireFly.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Just keep swimming.."

*picture is grainy as hell due to 1600 iso.
Sometime the song that the Elene fish, from Finding Nemo, would sing is my montra. Helps get through the day.

Slowly things are getting put back together at work. The nice thing about the new carpet is it helps to put a "This is new, lets keep our store clean." Or in some cases "Iki's store clean." I also got one sock war sock finished (still have to graft the toe). I got on the heel of the second sock today.

I'm really liking the Scar pattern. Though since these are just for me and not a target i'm mucking about a bit with the pattern. Just to see what i think.

One thing that I do think is that I need a ball winder and swiffer for b-day. It would be a nice present from the HT as all the yarn for his sweater is in hanks.

Haven't played Zelda in a few days. My attention span is getting shorter and shorter these days. Maybe over the holidays when I've got most of my knitting done.

My Pal got her package and liked it. Something about giving a good gift just gives wonderful warm fuzzies.

With that I have a "Fish are Friends" meeting to attend, Laters.