Sunday, December 30, 2007

I did a bad bad thing.....

So I spent quiet a bit of my holiday $ on yarn... I was just going in to get yarn for a few things really....

Ok admitting you have a problem is the first step. I think I'm going to have to enroll my self into the TenProject Challenge.

Any way. The Panda Silk, this is for the Tuscany shawl. I was going to get black but I like green and it will go with all my fancy outfits.

This is going to be the Abotanicity. It will be pretty and blue and I'll get some skinny black jeans to match it with when it's finished.

I was hoping that they had 5 skins of this, but they did not. So it will be socks.... eventually. It was just too pretty to leave there.

HT has requested that we make a few more wrist bands. So these will be the yarns that we make them out of. One Link, one red cross, one Sargent and so on.

This will be next years gift scarf for my sister. Yes they are more my colors but they will be nice and understated for her at work. Nursing that is. I didn't buy the yarn on the left, that was a gift. The Yarn on the right was bought to go with the yarn on the left and make it long enough for a scarf.

So yep I have a bit of a yarn buying problem but I will not buy anything but needles for projects for a Ten Projects.

Here's to hoping I can do it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

books are fun

I got a few more books with some of my Christmas dollars. I figure it's good to spend a bit of it on yourself before it all goes to bills.

They are now in my Knitting shelves. But they aren't only my knitting shelves, they are Siren's perching spots. She really likes getting on top and looking down at the world.

We went to a cocktail party thing tonight at a friends house. I found my talking to people like I do when I'm at work. Though I don't think it comes off as fake.... it's just forced. Definitely not as easy as talking with my Knitting Ladies.

I'm going to head to the yarn store tomorrow and get yarn for a sweater for me. HT has picked out a few things from the "Son of Stich n'Bitch" book that he would like. That and it's time to start thinking about next years gifts. Yes i know they are along way off, but if a do a few every now and then, well holiday time wont be frantic.

For now I'm just going to start my fish-leftover-afghan. Hopefully it will work out ok and hopefully I'll figure out these progress bars a bit more.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a day off in pictures

This is the first time i've had 2 days off in one week in about.... a month and a 1/2. I'm liking it. :)

This is the HT Sweater. It's finished. You may notice the blacks don't seem to line up. Well I think I might have been reading the Large part of the pattern when I made the sleeves. So that they wouldn't have a funny pucker (and because HT has grown a little since it started) side panels were added. It's just about done blocking. He's going to wear it to work tomorrow if its' dry.

I can't remember if I posted about the Beer cozies. Well here they are and HT's Dad thinks they are quite neat. That and on the next ladies trip I might see if there is a felting class we could all take or something. HT's Mom was intrested in me showing her how... though sence i just wing most of this I don't know if that would be supper helpful.
Hence the class.

This is the great thing about my guy. While he doesn't like all my random papers and he wants to get rid of a lot of my super random things(i really do have alot of them), well he gets me this.

What is it you may ask, well. It's a place to store my knitting stuff. Baskets for yarn, I'm going to get magazen holders for patterns, and drawers for needles. He was even going to get some yarn stuff (his words) to fill it up with, but he didn't get time to run to my yarn store when I wasn't around.
Oh and I should note, this is also the cat fort.

And these are to more coffee holders for gifts. The gray one is for Julie and the Yellow/Green one for one of my emps. I just have one or 2 more to go and then I think i'm done with coffee holders for a while.

Also everyone at home got their gifts and thought they were neat. Well i'm not sure what Bro thinks of his hat yet, but it was to be fun, so it doesn't matter if he never opens it.

Thats all for now. Back to work tomorrow, time to convince people to keep their gifts.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello again!

Grimlock though that my 2nd Birthday cake was for him. Now I know that 2 cakes in one say may seem like a bit much, but it was a shitty day. So 2 cakes is just right. There was one at work and then one at home.... ummm cake.

Right so what's been going on. Well I finished off the left sleeve for HT's sweater. I'm making another Calo... ermaty for my head to go with my Dashing fingerless gloves. And I got 2 more coffee holders done, but i still have 3 to go :(

Oh yahs got to love the links.

I saw the physiologist today. It was ok. We mostly just tryed to give a diagnosis. He said that i was a dysthymic. It makes since. Hopefully knowing is half the battle as they say.

Right, back to knitting. So i just have one sleeve and then seams to do then HT's sweeter will be done. It has taken a year, but i'm pretty sure it will turn out nice. Though I'm really not going to do another sweeter for a while. If you are just getting in to knitting and you are reading this...

Well first, dang how on earth did you wander over hear and welcome :)
And second, don't start with a sweeter. It's like a really long scarf. You will get sick of it by the time you are done. Yes the finished project will be really cool, but dang it takes a long time.

Right, back to knitting now. Laters.