Sunday, December 30, 2007

I did a bad bad thing.....

So I spent quiet a bit of my holiday $ on yarn... I was just going in to get yarn for a few things really....

Ok admitting you have a problem is the first step. I think I'm going to have to enroll my self into the TenProject Challenge.

Any way. The Panda Silk, this is for the Tuscany shawl. I was going to get black but I like green and it will go with all my fancy outfits.

This is going to be the Abotanicity. It will be pretty and blue and I'll get some skinny black jeans to match it with when it's finished.

I was hoping that they had 5 skins of this, but they did not. So it will be socks.... eventually. It was just too pretty to leave there.

HT has requested that we make a few more wrist bands. So these will be the yarns that we make them out of. One Link, one red cross, one Sargent and so on.

This will be next years gift scarf for my sister. Yes they are more my colors but they will be nice and understated for her at work. Nursing that is. I didn't buy the yarn on the left, that was a gift. The Yarn on the right was bought to go with the yarn on the left and make it long enough for a scarf.

So yep I have a bit of a yarn buying problem but I will not buy anything but needles for projects for a Ten Projects.

Here's to hoping I can do it.

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Knittymama said...

Glad you're joining me! :-)

That's quite a nice haul you've got there. At least you'll be busy for awhile!