Saturday, December 29, 2007

books are fun

I got a few more books with some of my Christmas dollars. I figure it's good to spend a bit of it on yourself before it all goes to bills.

They are now in my Knitting shelves. But they aren't only my knitting shelves, they are Siren's perching spots. She really likes getting on top and looking down at the world.

We went to a cocktail party thing tonight at a friends house. I found my talking to people like I do when I'm at work. Though I don't think it comes off as fake.... it's just forced. Definitely not as easy as talking with my Knitting Ladies.

I'm going to head to the yarn store tomorrow and get yarn for a sweater for me. HT has picked out a few things from the "Son of Stich n'Bitch" book that he would like. That and it's time to start thinking about next years gifts. Yes i know they are along way off, but if a do a few every now and then, well holiday time wont be frantic.

For now I'm just going to start my fish-leftover-afghan. Hopefully it will work out ok and hopefully I'll figure out these progress bars a bit more.

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