Friday, February 29, 2008

Me day.

So I got to have the day off today. It was looking like I wouldn't because my Assistant Manager is sick with strep. But Jill came down to manage so that I could have a day to get things done.

One of the things, I picked up my ticket and back-ordered my book for the Yarn Harlot event. And I was bad and got some sock yarn for new socks for HT. They will be black so i'm sure he'll like them.

I also stopped near the the Yarnery for lunch. I was pretty hungery and got more than i think i normaly would, but I haven't treated myself to good food in a while so it's ok.

Here is what I had for dessert. It was the best cheese cake i've had in a long, long time. It was even kind of fun to just hang out by myself today. I always kind of wondered about why people say they don't like to eat alone. It was nice a peaceful.

The UC is calming down more now. I'm going to start going down on with the pred soon. Yah, no more feeling like a hamster that needs to chew on things all the time.

I also got some wool from knitpicks yesterday, well ordered it. It's going to be for a sweeter vest for HT and it only cost around $30. So I figured it would be ok.
Now i know that i'm buying yarn and i haven't hit 10 FOs yet. But that really has just stopped me from buying random one skins.

Right, now it's time to pay some bills :( and knit a little more on the sock yarn sweeter :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

simple stitches

So, I've got an easy non-lace project to work on now. It's nice to have something to mindlessly plug away at. And the cotton yarn feels nice in my hands.

Bunger's scarf isn't coming along well because it's not the nicest yarn and it doesn't make my fingers happy. But it will make him happy next year when he gets it.

The cotton that I bought along time ago (summerish... boy that feels like forever ago) is being turned into a present for little Sis and soon to be Little Bro in law.
I don't know if i'll have enough to make as many as I want, but we'll see. I'm starting to see where that panic that I wont have enough yarn to finish comes from. I think i can control it with out buying tons of yarn... i hope.

Though i did buy something this month. Feb was supposed to be no buy month. And well I did a pretty good job. I've only got the occasional lunch, groceries, and meds. Mind you even though i was home bound for most of the month it still counts. Just think of all the wonderful yarn I could buy over the Internet. :) Well, the one thing i did say, "It's time to get it now" is a ball winder and swift from Joann's. They were having a sale, I had a coupon and it will show up at the store one of these days and make me happy. Though they use DHL and I've never had anything but bad luck with those guys.

I have also decided I want to have the Sock yarn sweeter finished for April 10th when the Harlot is in town. Why? Because what better time to show something like that off than with a bunch of knitters. Though the lace wont be perfect, I already know that it's not, but it really doesn't bug me. It looks nice from arms distance, and I really want knitting to be calm for me not stressful.

Now the trick is when i head to the yarnery to pick up my ticket on Friday, to not buy any yarn. Though..... :) If i find a really good deal on some sport/dk that will make the sweeter vest that HT wants... well I might just have to break down and get some. But that's the only case where I can.... I think.... no, I can.

edited to add: I was working on the present at the Dr. Office today. He came in and said "your knitting so you must be feeling alittle better." :) not 100% yet but defintly getting there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Noro for you?

So I've fallen out of love with my Noro-Sock yarn. I like the way it feels and l like the colors.... just not together. So, what does this mean? Well it means at this weeks Blue Moonie round-up I'll be handing someone a nice ball of Noro Yarn. That is if you ladies want it. I just don't want it any more so it needs a good home.

Now this isn't to say I might not get some in the future. Just not this color way I think.

Health wise, I'm feeling a bit better (knock on lots of wood please). The hard drugs are helping and I've only had one really bad day since they started. Mind you it was today, but today just sucked all around. I really am going to have to work on winning the lotto so I can go have that alpaca/lama/sheep/bunny farm and not have to deal with people.

I made more progress on the sock-yarn sweeter. Though I think it might not be finished until the Fall. But oh well, I'll look cute in it and It will look cute on me. No need to rush things really.

I'm going to go out looking for old-linen handkerchiefs soon. I want to add some blue lace to ones edge and give it to my little sister for her wedding. I think it would be a nice, something old/new/blue, thing. And maybe make one for my mom just so she can have something to dab her eyes with.

Right, enough rambling, I'll see you at the Round-up. :P

Friday, February 15, 2008

Update on the illness

( Why a picture of Soak? because I'm actually thinking about just soaking in the bath, something i hardly do)

So things are weird. I still haven't picked up the needles. I think i will tomorrow. I knida think i might feel up to it then.
I called the Doc this morning and he sent me in for in for a quick scope of the old colen. Things are worse than i though. Now it's not just the first 8" of the intesstine, but the whole thing. *Sigh* So i'm still going to be house bound for a bit. That means no Moonies for the 3rd week in a row. :(

HT got some books on what I should be eating to help control the flare-ups. The sad thing is this, it says no potatoes. I love potatoes, the first thing i asked for after a surgery was potatoes... this is just getting ruffer and ruffer.

Oh, and HT has desided that it is no longer for Husband in training, but Hotty-Totty.
I think it fits.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The body and it's foolishness

( cute picture from getting new tire, It's HT and the friends little one)

So lets see what's going on...

We had a bad flat tire. Had to get a new one.
The wicked cold finally went away.

And now the UC is acting back up. So i'll have to call the doc. and get extra meds. (just a link to explain the condition)

So what does that mean. Well, that i'm going to hiding from the world when i'm not at work. It's not much fun to have to knock down old-ladies trying to get to the bathroom in time. Oh, it also means that when/if we do have kids, the have a chance of getting the gene that gives them a 20% chance of getting it. What did J-9 say (friend/co-worker) " Good luck with your mulitple genetic anomalies." I think that should be the title of a book.

But the evil thing is this, I don't feel like knitting one stitch. And I have all this time on my hands. *sigh* The sweater has another line of lace added to it. It took 3 episodes of the West Wing to get there. Because it was going slow and because of the constant pauses.

I might try working on a scarf with simple garter stitch. Maybe the repitition will keep my mind off things.

Right, off to try to sleep. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So I'm going to try and coucs tonight. If I can get there by 6:30 i'll do it. If I can't make it by then, then on to knit night.

This little guy on the cool yarn is my Neil Gaiman magic yarn ball guy. He now lives on my desk and I'm wondering what to make with the yarn. I'm sure it will come to me eventuaily.

we watched the super bowl yesterday. It was a pretty good game. We got a tad loud.

Tomorrow I have my manager meeting. I sent a list of things I would like to talk about to all the managers. I felt a little silly doing it, but i guess our boss has said that she wants that so.... heheh boy will she eat those words. :) Just kidding but I like to know what we are going to cover. That and then we all know what I'm going to ask.

Right off to my 9 stake french fry lunch. I think we have to go to the store.