Tuesday, August 9, 2011

many ties and a few hops

Here are some of the ties that I've put up on the shop.

This one is the Red Starbust Mod tie.
The peep of red for the lining is fun.

This one is the Light Skinny Floral tie.
I got so many compliments on the darker version that I had to make a skinny light version.

The mannequin is wearing the Bounding Dear tie.
I made this one for folks with shorter torsos.

So far no sales, but a few hearts and lots of views.
I'm going to keep making and trying.
I've got some cuffs that are going to go up next.
Then a few more ties and on to making fall things.

Because before you know it, it is going to get chilly out there.

Hoppers is doing well. He had visitors this last weekend and he seemed to take to one of HT's nephews. He was very gentle with the rabbit.

I think Hoppers missed him when he left.

Though now he has a new house.
Hoppers has been letting himself out in the mornings.
As nice as it is to not have to get up to let him out, we don't keep the kitty food up when he's in bed.

That and his old house was getting to small for him.
He's getting much bigger than I thought he would.
The new cage does have a small wire bottom on it. We tried the just flat with bedding but with his long fur it just wasn't working.

So I'm just going to keep and eye on his toes and he has lots of places to lay down that aren't on wire in there.
Though as i'm writing about it you can tell that I feel a little guilty about having a wire bottom cage. Everyone says "not a happy thing" and I get that.
But sometimes we have to compromise and he has long fur on the bottoms of his feet and like I said, plenty of places to lay.

So we will see if that works. If not, I can always take out the wire and let him hang in the deep deep pan that is under it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can haz Etsy shop?

I can.
It's called WhiskerKnits and so far I have 7 items up for sale.

I have the cuffs that i've been thinking about making and didn't do until after they posted about doing it on Knitty.
Why? Because sometimes i'm slow to get in gear.

Here is the green one modeled by my good buddy and boss Tiffany.
She talked me in to making and selling the next times that are up on the shop.


I was getting so many compliments on the ties that I made for myself that she talked me into selling them. She even helped me sell one last weekend at the Cafetto craft fair.

The next item isn't up yet, but will be soon.
Hand carded Alpaca with a nice natural caramel color.

If I make enough at the shop then i'll be able to get a drum carder and make roving too.

So stop on by the shop.
Maybe put a few items in your treasures or "heart" them
I'll let you have all the bunny kisses that you want if you do.

(ps we call them poo kisses) ^.^

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Websites and noes boops

Things are going well here at casa de fuzzy butts.
Other than vacuuming I've been trying to keep everyone happy and cool.

So mostly I have been playing with Pascal/Hoppers
Trying to keep the kitties feeling like they are loved
Trying to keep the Hoppers away from the kitty food (he loves it)

He also likes sticking his face in my foot when we are sitting on the floor together.
Watching the bunny and the cats to keep everyone safe has been taking up a lot of time. But they are worth it. As we all hang out I've been knitting up a few little things and trying to get a few things finished up for my etsy store.

That's right folks, I'm going to sell some of the things I've made.
Like these ties.

As well as some of Hoppers' fur for spinning
and some lovely hand dyed alpaca along with some natural colored alpaca

HT is thinking about a log and font and all of that but I couldn't wait
So I made this...

That and a friend is taking my ties to sell at the Cafetto Craft Fair
I'm thinking $35?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Many of my friends and now my family are having babies.
This is little Issac. He is my nephew.
So far he is a sweet little boy.

My friend Nicole just had her little girl. I'm trying to get over to her
to give her this Clockwork. She was one of the 4 from the Facebook meme that will get something hand made from me this year.

Siren hopes that I will not get the idea to bring any more babies home.
Be them fur babies or human babies, she would really rather they just stay out.

I wish that ants would stop trying to make this there home.
They are not alone either.
It would seem moths are trying to make a home here too.

So that means its time to put the wool in the freezer downstairs.
And getting some more sealed tubs to put them in.
So far Grimlock has killed 3 moths. All way to close to the yarn.

I guess this is just the place to be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

in case you were wondering

This is what I've been up too.A sweet 3mo English/German angora came home to live with us after Shepherd's harvest (a fiber festival)

He is still getting used to the house and we are still getting used to him.
So far the kitties are ok with him, but they are not fond of when he charges right at them ;)

I will post a few more things about new happenings some time next week.
When my brain has unfluffed a bit.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring and the Yellow Socks

Above we have the last image of my store.
All cleaned out at 7pm. All but the main lights shut off and cleared out.
It has been a long month and now I need to take some time,
clean my house and knit something fabulous for me.

I'm thinking Yellow Socks. Even Miss Down-Out here looks happy in here yellow socks.

Zombies attacking, find some yellow socks
Post-Apocalyptic Gray world, yellow socks will cheer you up
Hanging out in your late '90s squatters den, Grab those yellow socks and show the world what your made of.

So that is my plan. Knit up some nice yellow socks and take on the world.
The only problem is, I'm not sure which pattern I would like to do.

So my friends that is where you come in.
I'm going to post up some
Ravelry links and I would love it if you all could leave a comment on what you think would look great in a solid, bright yellow sock yarn.

1) We have the Knitty.com Riff Socks. They seem to show off the texture on solid yarn very well.
knitty link added too.

2) The Netherfield socks from the Twist Collective. They just say, "Sun shinny day" don't they? TC link added too.

3) Eye of the Helix socks is a free Ravelry download. I love a good cable and the play on the DNA double helix is fun.

4) Ms
WendyKnits designed a pretty little lace sock, Crocus, for her Toe-Up Socks for Everyone book. Though I might just be drawn to them because the picture shows them in yellow.

We have an Interweave Knits yellow sock for spring the Twisted Tulip Sock. I might have to find a paler yarn for this, but it might work bright too. IK link added

6) Last but not least, a Knit Scene original, Bas-Relief socks. Though I might just like them because I think the idea of wearing hand knit socks with heals is fun.

So, what do you think?
I know that everyone needs some bright socks in their lives.
And soon I will have mine, with your help that is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the snow is back

The snow decided to show back up. Its ok though, because I'm still knitting with wool here. Above we have KnitPicks Chroma
It is nice and soft. I'm knitting up another SimpleThings from it.
So far so good.

The snow has left HT and I with a bit of a mystery.
There is a spot in the back yard, where no sewer or gas lines run, that refuses to have snow on it.

That is a over head shot for you.
I have my resident paranormal expert looking in to see if it is anything spooky.
HT noticed it last night and showed me this morning.
The second picture was shot after snow blowing and shooting snow right at it. I just melted away.

So winter and her mysteries aren't leaving us any time soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things keep moving on.

Soon the snow will be gone and things will start growing again.
Until that happens I will have to content myself with looking back at images of last years garden.
Above are some of the sun flowers that I actually got to grow.

I have been itching to get to growing and play in the dirt. The snow that is hanging around and being replenished soon is thwarting that desire.

But time will keep marching on and eventually there will be things growing again.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about options. Not only options for the garden, but for myself. Sitting down at the Coffee Shop Northeast is a pretty good place to think things through. I just get distracted at the house.

You see...
They are closing my store. We were making money and things were going well business wise, but the building is beyond repair. I guess that is what happens when you have a part-owner that doesn't think regular upkeep on the building is a must.
So this closing of my store, the thing I have given most of my time and mind, is making me think about other options for work and life.
Do I want to stay in retail?sales? a creative field?
Do I want to try and strike out on my own and do the things I love?
What is it that I love?
Am I passionate about anything?

These are the questions that are floating around in my head right now.

The only thing I do know is that I have skills that are useful and that I will be able to find something else or stay with the company and see if they re-open somewhere in downtown.

Until things are decided or decided themselves I can keep working on the things I know I can get done.

Things like finally hanging the canvas prints of my 3 favorite photographs in the guest room.

They look pretty good don't you think.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a new year

In this the New Year, most of our minds turn to resolutions and organizing.
I don't make resolutions. They never really seem to work out for me.
But I do try out organizing and normally get pretty far or in the habit for the rest of the year.

So I though I would share some links to other blogs for some organization tips and helps.

Etsy.com has a great post on how to get yourself organized and also some great items to use. I'm thinking about the Month chalk board for my kitchen.

Apartment Therapy is also a great place to get tips and tricks.
Sometime too many of their post show up in my GoogleReader, but I can forgive them because they are a source of inspiration for me.

So, I'm going to welcome in the new year with a little more organization.

That sounds a bit like a resolution.