Thursday, July 14, 2011

Websites and noes boops

Things are going well here at casa de fuzzy butts.
Other than vacuuming I've been trying to keep everyone happy and cool.

So mostly I have been playing with Pascal/Hoppers
Trying to keep the kitties feeling like they are loved
Trying to keep the Hoppers away from the kitty food (he loves it)

He also likes sticking his face in my foot when we are sitting on the floor together.
Watching the bunny and the cats to keep everyone safe has been taking up a lot of time. But they are worth it. As we all hang out I've been knitting up a few little things and trying to get a few things finished up for my etsy store.

That's right folks, I'm going to sell some of the things I've made.
Like these ties.

As well as some of Hoppers' fur for spinning
and some lovely hand dyed alpaca along with some natural colored alpaca

HT is thinking about a log and font and all of that but I couldn't wait
So I made this...

That and a friend is taking my ties to sell at the Cafetto Craft Fair
I'm thinking $35?

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Chris said...

Oh, congrats on your upcoming etsy store! And thanks for the heads up about the Caffetto Craft Fair - now I just need to remember. :)