Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring and the Yellow Socks

Above we have the last image of my store.
All cleaned out at 7pm. All but the main lights shut off and cleared out.
It has been a long month and now I need to take some time,
clean my house and knit something fabulous for me.

I'm thinking Yellow Socks. Even Miss Down-Out here looks happy in here yellow socks.

Zombies attacking, find some yellow socks
Post-Apocalyptic Gray world, yellow socks will cheer you up
Hanging out in your late '90s squatters den, Grab those yellow socks and show the world what your made of.

So that is my plan. Knit up some nice yellow socks and take on the world.
The only problem is, I'm not sure which pattern I would like to do.

So my friends that is where you come in.
I'm going to post up some
Ravelry links and I would love it if you all could leave a comment on what you think would look great in a solid, bright yellow sock yarn.

1) We have the Riff Socks. They seem to show off the texture on solid yarn very well.
knitty link added too.

2) The Netherfield socks from the Twist Collective. They just say, "Sun shinny day" don't they? TC link added too.

3) Eye of the Helix socks is a free Ravelry download. I love a good cable and the play on the DNA double helix is fun.

4) Ms
WendyKnits designed a pretty little lace sock, Crocus, for her Toe-Up Socks for Everyone book. Though I might just be drawn to them because the picture shows them in yellow.

We have an Interweave Knits yellow sock for spring the Twisted Tulip Sock. I might have to find a paler yarn for this, but it might work bright too. IK link added

6) Last but not least, a Knit Scene original, Bas-Relief socks. Though I might just like them because I think the idea of wearing hand knit socks with heals is fun.

So, what do you think?
I know that everyone needs some bright socks in their lives.
And soon I will have mine, with your help that is.