Sunday, June 5, 2011


Many of my friends and now my family are having babies.
This is little Issac. He is my nephew.
So far he is a sweet little boy.

My friend Nicole just had her little girl. I'm trying to get over to her
to give her this Clockwork. She was one of the 4 from the Facebook meme that will get something hand made from me this year.

Siren hopes that I will not get the idea to bring any more babies home.
Be them fur babies or human babies, she would really rather they just stay out.

I wish that ants would stop trying to make this there home.
They are not alone either.
It would seem moths are trying to make a home here too.

So that means its time to put the wool in the freezer downstairs.
And getting some more sealed tubs to put them in.
So far Grimlock has killed 3 moths. All way to close to the yarn.

I guess this is just the place to be.