Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Insert 19 century orphans singing "Food, Glorious Food" here.

I do love a good breakfast. And now that Pop NE is doing brunch on Sundays, well I'm a happy camper.

What we have here is the egg sandwich on rye with potatoes. It was pretty tasty. Though i would have liked the eggs scrambled rather than sunny side up.

This is the Banana's Fosters french toast (i think) with pecans on top. It was very sweet and tasty. Almost too much to eat. So it was lunch too.

Now going out for food is great. Honestly if I could have someone else cook for me all the time, well I would. But it is nice to try your hand at a new thing some times too.

This something new is Spicy Butternut Squash Soup. It turned out pretty well. I think I might try to grow some butternut squash next year in the garden. There was only one thing not quiet right with the soup. I put too much cycane pepper in it. I think maybe with a little more cream or even sour cream it will be good for lunch next week.
I have also started the Thanksgiving desert cooking. The oven will be taken over by a bird tomorrow. So that makes now really the only other time to do any of the things that need to be put in the oven. These are Pumpkin cookies. It was a good simple recipe. Pretty much shorting, brown sugar and pumpkin. These were made out of the pumpkins that i grew. It really something special to cook with something that you have grown.

There is a down side to all this cooking though. This down side is the reason that i would gladly never cook.

What is it? It is the dishes that making food creates. Just after you get the kitchen clean, you turn around and there are all these dirty dishes to deal with. :(
Well on this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for many things, friends, family, good employees, and a dish washer to do all these dishes in.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

kitties and computers

Lately, somebody has been stealing my computer. I'm not going to say who (Siren)
She keeps crawling on my lap and onto my computer every night lately. I wonder if it's because the computer is warm? It is really cute though.

I've been working more on my log cabin blanket. I'm down to one skein each of the colors. I'm pretty sure that there will be enough of the center color to edge the whole thing. It might even be done for Thanksgiving. Something nice to cuttle in on my day off.

Friday, November 13, 2009

clothing makes the sale?

People often say, " The clothes make the man" (or woman). And I'm pretty sure that clothes help make the sale. When you work in an area of town where most of your customers are wearing suits, button up shirts and kackies, or even uniforms I think this applies even more. Now, how do I convince others of this?

Lead by example. That I can do. But to lead don't folks need to fallow?

Now, if only I could knit faster. Then I could lead in fabulous hand knits. I'm thinking about making hand knit version of my Target dress. It's chunky to bulky yarn, with a cowl neck and A line. I'm pretty sure I could knit it all in the round with maybe a fake seem to give it a little more shape. Not sure.

When I start i'll post some pictures and see what you all think.

Monday, November 9, 2009


The weather seems to think that it's not going to be uber chilly right now.
I am only marginally ok with that. Ups and downs in the weather make my UC
go more than a bit wonky.

That said, Saturday was really nice.
Crafty Planet had their party for the new book One Yard Wonders. As written by
our own Crafty Planet crew. It is written, designed (super important to me) and laid out well.

Here is the cover

Now I'm not sure what in the book i'm going to use this fabric for. Maybe a skirt?

Now this. This will be a hand bag and maybe 2 project bags.

And this, this needs to be something hug able.

Now, I was not bad and didn't spend money I didn't have. I saved a few spiff
checks just for this. Because really, when you go to a store that is having a
party, it's just bad form not to buy something.

Oh, and just in care you were worried. Here's some yarn. I think this could make
a pretty lacy something. Not sure what, but I got 2 balls so I'm sure I can think of something.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

I can't remember if i showed off the owl socks her yet.
So, here they are
It was pretty much just a basic ribbed sock with the owl cable.

They fit pretty well. The second sock is a little tight in the heal. It still made it
on to my foot though. So that's a win.

And here we have my Halloween costume. It was steampunk shop-keep.
I already had the skirt, bu
t as i have gotten a bit hippy, i need to add some
fabric to it.

So it turned out nice. I made the top too. I think i need to work on my sewing
skills. It turned out well, but i would have liked it to be a bit more, professional looking.

We had a good night. Went out for dinner with friends. The Wilde Roast Cafe
is pretty tasty. I think the breakfast is a bit better than the dinner.

And now, now there is too much candy in the house. I got some just in case
our friends didn't want to go out to dinner. Well we forgot to set it out.
Now it is in the kitchen, tonting me. But looking at my chin in those photos,
I'm really going to have to stay away from it. Or get that neck-work-out
infomercial thing. :P

Now, get out there and enjoy the sun all you Minneapolins. It might not be
back for a long time.