Monday, November 9, 2009


The weather seems to think that it's not going to be uber chilly right now.
I am only marginally ok with that. Ups and downs in the weather make my UC
go more than a bit wonky.

That said, Saturday was really nice.
Crafty Planet had their party for the new book One Yard Wonders. As written by
our own Crafty Planet crew. It is written, designed (super important to me) and laid out well.

Here is the cover

Now I'm not sure what in the book i'm going to use this fabric for. Maybe a skirt?

Now this. This will be a hand bag and maybe 2 project bags.

And this, this needs to be something hug able.

Now, I was not bad and didn't spend money I didn't have. I saved a few spiff
checks just for this. Because really, when you go to a store that is having a
party, it's just bad form not to buy something.

Oh, and just in care you were worried. Here's some yarn. I think this could make
a pretty lacy something. Not sure what, but I got 2 balls so I'm sure I can think of something.

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Chris said...

Bummer about the UC. :( The party sounds like it was fun, esp based on the pretties you procured.