Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

I can't remember if i showed off the owl socks her yet.
So, here they are
It was pretty much just a basic ribbed sock with the owl cable.

They fit pretty well. The second sock is a little tight in the heal. It still made it
on to my foot though. So that's a win.

And here we have my Halloween costume. It was steampunk shop-keep.
I already had the skirt, bu
t as i have gotten a bit hippy, i need to add some
fabric to it.

So it turned out nice. I made the top too. I think i need to work on my sewing
skills. It turned out well, but i would have liked it to be a bit more, professional looking.

We had a good night. Went out for dinner with friends. The Wilde Roast Cafe
is pretty tasty. I think the breakfast is a bit better than the dinner.

And now, now there is too much candy in the house. I got some just in case
our friends didn't want to go out to dinner. Well we forgot to set it out.
Now it is in the kitchen, tonting me. But looking at my chin in those photos,
I'm really going to have to stay away from it. Or get that neck-work-out
infomercial thing. :P

Now, get out there and enjoy the sun all you Minneapolins. It might not be
back for a long time.


Chris said...

Clever costume!!!

Gah, I can sympathize about the bit hippy. Bit thighy here, too.

Chris said...

D'oh! The socks are gorgeous. :)

Knittymama said...

Love the costume! And thanks again for the pumpkins, they were blissfully carved up on Halloween!