Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 in 1 day

Two weekends ago I shot my friends wedding. Here they are after the nuptials.

It was really pretty and I think the photography came out well.

I'm going to try and get some of the photos to them by Sunday. I was hoping to have a little more time to take care of all the picture work, but they are really excited to see the photos.

The kids are quieter now that HT is home. Siren was yelling at me for 2 hours straight.

So yah. It's been along day, but I did get something good accomplished.

"let me out!"

I Grimlock would like you all to know, that my Mommy took me in the car today. It was no fun. I do not get scared, just un-happy. So don't let her tell you different.

Then this lady in blue said she knew who Grimlock was. I pranced around a bit at that. I was named after a ferocious Dino-Bot.

I explored a little room and then a man in white came in. I don't like him much, i think... He felt my back and i had to try out hissing at him. I never hiss so I thought that would be a good time to do it. He said that I needed "X Rays". Then Mommy let them take me back to get these "X Rays".

The lady said I was a "Champ" with the x-rays then we went home.

Now I'm in a little room again. Mommy calls it the office. She wont let me and sister out. And Sister keeps hissing at me. :(

Oh and she gave me some nasty stuff too. Says it will make me feel better.... it tastes bad. :(

So if you can get a message to her. Let her know to let us out of this room. We have things to do today. :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

it's getting chilly

I think it might be time to bust out the malabrigo and knit. I think i'm going to put the "panda" shawl on hold for a bit and work on some warm things.

I re-started the socks i'm knitting for my mom. They are going a bit better this time and are a good keep in the bag project.

Things have been abit stressful here at chez Iki. I have been having tummy issues, feeling responsible for everyone, wondering if our house guest will ever leave, lots of loud people around and Grimlock has been acting funny.

Well I've taken steps to bring the stress down. There will be no people but me and HT here next Sunday. Wednesday I'm taking Grimlock to the vet. The house guest has been given notice. So all in all real steps to take care of stressful things.

So. I'm going to sit down tonight and start working on this with the malabrigo, or this with the cashmere that i got from a lovely swapy.

ummm pretty yarn things.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it's creeping up on us.

Halloween that is.

I've mentioned on here before about how much I like Halloween. I get to dress up in a costume. Though generally
I'm the only one who gets what the costume is. It's like I should have little fact sheets to hand out to go with the costumes.

Any who, I swung by Jo-Ann's today before a training for work. They have a lot of their fall/Halloween stuff on sale. This guy is one of my finds. He glows in the dark. :)

I also go a bat wreath to hang up outside. Its framing my house #s. I
got some bat cut outs to hang from the ceiling down stairs and I put some on the windows.

I'm looking forward to the Halloween party I'm going to try and throw. I just have to get the invites out.

On the knitting front... HT's Love sweater is moving along. I'm at the arm decreases and I need to start on one more ball of cream. It looks like 4 balls per side. So it's a good thing i got 6 (just in case my math is off). I also did a bit of a bad thing and got more yarn today. I was over in Edina so I stopped by Needleworks. They have the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sock yarn. Now, I must say that I like the books and the movies have been alright, but I'm not a big HP'er. That said...

I do think the Headwig colorway is very nice.

Right. Off to clean house a bit more and make some paper-mishay tomb stones for the front yard. Oh, and some shrunken heads for the back yard. :)