Monday, October 20, 2008

it's getting chilly

I think it might be time to bust out the malabrigo and knit. I think i'm going to put the "panda" shawl on hold for a bit and work on some warm things.

I re-started the socks i'm knitting for my mom. They are going a bit better this time and are a good keep in the bag project.

Things have been abit stressful here at chez Iki. I have been having tummy issues, feeling responsible for everyone, wondering if our house guest will ever leave, lots of loud people around and Grimlock has been acting funny.

Well I've taken steps to bring the stress down. There will be no people but me and HT here next Sunday. Wednesday I'm taking Grimlock to the vet. The house guest has been given notice. So all in all real steps to take care of stressful things.

So. I'm going to sit down tonight and start working on this with the malabrigo, or this with the cashmere that i got from a lovely swapy.

ummm pretty yarn things.


Joyce said...

I LOVE the shawl scarf thingy

Chris said...

Gorgeous shade of Malabrigo! Sorry to hear you're stressed - are the tummy problems part of that?