Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it's creeping up on us.

Halloween that is.

I've mentioned on here before about how much I like Halloween. I get to dress up in a costume. Though generally
I'm the only one who gets what the costume is. It's like I should have little fact sheets to hand out to go with the costumes.

Any who, I swung by Jo-Ann's today before a training for work. They have a lot of their fall/Halloween stuff on sale. This guy is one of my finds. He glows in the dark. :)

I also go a bat wreath to hang up outside. Its framing my house #s. I
got some bat cut outs to hang from the ceiling down stairs and I put some on the windows.

I'm looking forward to the Halloween party I'm going to try and throw. I just have to get the invites out.

On the knitting front... HT's Love sweater is moving along. I'm at the arm decreases and I need to start on one more ball of cream. It looks like 4 balls per side. So it's a good thing i got 6 (just in case my math is off). I also did a bit of a bad thing and got more yarn today. I was over in Edina so I stopped by Needleworks. They have the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sock yarn. Now, I must say that I like the books and the movies have been alright, but I'm not a big HP'er. That said...

I do think the Headwig colorway is very nice.

Right. Off to clean house a bit more and make some paper-mishay tomb stones for the front yard. Oh, and some shrunken heads for the back yard. :)

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Chris said...

My goodness, you really ARE getting into the Halloween spirit!

Whoa - I had no idea they were making HP Opal...