Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adventures in Deadwood... part 2

Rain storms came in the night and the day time on the trip. Quiet a few had hail in them, lighting and thunder too.

The faces looked like they were crying when we drove up. They look a little less sad here, though Teddy still looks a bit blue.

The Artists studio was neat. You could see mountain and the model through the window.

On our last night there we got to see some... actors walking down the street. One ran past us in a hell of a hurry. I think they were playing at showing the death of Wild bill.

Well, I'm home now and glad to be back at work, or less sad...
I'll post up in a few days the knitting that I worked on over the trip. Though since we've been back, I haven't really felt like knitting. I'm just going to have to wait for the spirit to move me again.
ps this is what the prairie should look like.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures in Deadwood... part 1

First there was a stop at the corn palace. HT's Dad was on a mission to see it. It is pretty neat on the inside. B-ball court, theater stage, and random junk to by.

no yarn though.

In the windows of some of the buildings in Deadwood they had "ladies" waiting for the next client. Though the manikins were way to skinny to look like the real thing. All of the buildings were restored (best they could) to the stone buildings that the people of Deadwood built after the fires they had. Stone being less likely to burn down. Also, pretty much everyone had a slot machine or two in the buildings main floor. I won $2, well really only $1 as I spent one to make two.
We walked through the grave yard and saw Wild Bill and Calamity Janes graves. We also hiked about 200 yards up the mountain to see Bulock's grave. The s.o.b waited to be at the top of the damn mountain... but it was a nice view.
This is what a gold vain looks like. The Big Dig pit looks really big until you look at the map and then it looks really small compared to the mine shafts that go down and down and down.
This was the only Buffalo we saw up close.

There wasn't any yarn here either... though I wondered if anyone made yarn out of Buffalo flease.

More later....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So the Blue Moonies were out in force in Loring park today. There was the Mama of the Grouch, Purple the Purly Girl, Jack to the Lean and Family, and Miss Britania.
(i like having fun with names)

We kept looking a people with bags to see if they were knitters. I road my new bike over from work and hung out for about an hour. It was fun and boy did I not want to go back.

I have vacation coming up that I planed on along time ago and now we don't have enough people to cover for that time... so what do we do? Well I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going on my damn va-ka because the powers that be knew about this a long time ago and I warned them that I was going and they were going to have to deal.

That doesn't mean I wont feel a little guilty if they don't find help, but it's go on vacation or burn down the store.

I know which one the owner would pick ;)

OOO I'm going to dye some more yarn tonight. I got some fun kool-aid colors and some knit picks dye-able sock yarn. It should be fun.

Friday, June 13, 2008

random thought goo

So first off some knitting bits.

I finished HT's socks from the codemonkey sock yarn and they look ok.
There are some holes in the heal. But as my second attempt at a short row heal it's not that bad. Though I'm pretty sure that i'm not fond of short rows. Something about slipping and picking up and turning and wrapping and the what not that just isn't fun.

They were just finished yesterday so he hasn't had a chance to wear them yet. Oh, and is it bad luck that I've dropped a stitch in each of my "All Raveled up" socks?
I hope not. :(

Now this is what my hair looks like now. I was in an odd mood and have been thinking about blonding it up for a while. So i did it.

Now when I say odd mood, I mean was out of happy meds and waiting to get more there for, fluttering around like a humming bird (on a mission mind you) or plopped down in bed like a sloth.

tomorrow, i will hopefuly be able to take a long lunch and hang out with the knitters in Loring Park, but we'll see. Who knows, we could get busy, but I hope not.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

i did a sorta bad thing.

I spent a bit of $ today. I had breakfast out, got a cool new ninja, i got the zombie ninja, a yummy donuts, i got the one with candy corn on it, and a good book and a new bike. The bike was only $50 and the proceeds went to a charity.

HT is getting a bike for payment from a client. So I figured it was good to get a bike so that we could ride around together.

I have been knitting on his sock. I got all the way to the leg and I'm starting the toe on the other sock. I want to make sure that I don't run out of Codemonkey before i finish both socks.

ok time for a nap.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I like presents, or things in 2s

(or does that make me sound like a greedy begger.... but really, who doesn't like presents.)

So I've had 2 really good things happen in the past 2 days.

1) My best salesperson/trouper that keeps me from burning down the store, got promoted to Assistant Manager. (this is pretty un heard of in our company, as he got to stay at the same store). So there is one weight that is a little lighter.

2) I got my good karma swap package in the mail. It seems that if i'm just a little slumpy and not in full on depression mood that i can truly appreciate and gush about wonderful packages. And this one was just that. The Kitties even thought it was pretty cool.

also looked up fairy tales on wiki today. that was kinda interesting. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

what to do.

So today I did a lot.

I got a massage this morning. It was really nice. I've needed one for a long time.

I also finished and photographed the mascot yarn socks from the "All Raveled Up" sock club. Just in time for the code-monkey yarn to get here soon :)

I also made the hat for the good karma swap. (i sent out my swapies package on friday). Soon a nice youngster will have a warm woolie hat.

But here is my problem. What do I do now? I want to knit something, but I know i should give it a rest for the evening. I'm not sleepy. I could clean the house :P No it's my only day off this week, I don't think i'll be using it to do that....

But really, I'm kinda at a loss here.