Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures in Deadwood... part 1

First there was a stop at the corn palace. HT's Dad was on a mission to see it. It is pretty neat on the inside. B-ball court, theater stage, and random junk to by.

no yarn though.

In the windows of some of the buildings in Deadwood they had "ladies" waiting for the next client. Though the manikins were way to skinny to look like the real thing. All of the buildings were restored (best they could) to the stone buildings that the people of Deadwood built after the fires they had. Stone being less likely to burn down. Also, pretty much everyone had a slot machine or two in the buildings main floor. I won $2, well really only $1 as I spent one to make two.
We walked through the grave yard and saw Wild Bill and Calamity Janes graves. We also hiked about 200 yards up the mountain to see Bulock's grave. The s.o.b waited to be at the top of the damn mountain... but it was a nice view.
This is what a gold vain looks like. The Big Dig pit looks really big until you look at the map and then it looks really small compared to the mine shafts that go down and down and down.
This was the only Buffalo we saw up close.

There wasn't any yarn here either... though I wondered if anyone made yarn out of Buffalo flease.

More later....


Chris said...

I love the Black Hills - I lived there for a summer, working for the Forest Service. But nope, not much yarn - although there is a place on the highway a bit north of Hill City that has some... Great coffee shop with wifi in Hill City, too!

jgtck said...

I can't believe you were here and didn't look me up. There are two small yarn shops in Rapid City now. The weather here has been terrific with only a couple of days in the 90s, the rest have been 80 or cooler. Hope you enjoyed your trip.