Friday, June 13, 2008

random thought goo

So first off some knitting bits.

I finished HT's socks from the codemonkey sock yarn and they look ok.
There are some holes in the heal. But as my second attempt at a short row heal it's not that bad. Though I'm pretty sure that i'm not fond of short rows. Something about slipping and picking up and turning and wrapping and the what not that just isn't fun.

They were just finished yesterday so he hasn't had a chance to wear them yet. Oh, and is it bad luck that I've dropped a stitch in each of my "All Raveled up" socks?
I hope not. :(

Now this is what my hair looks like now. I was in an odd mood and have been thinking about blonding it up for a while. So i did it.

Now when I say odd mood, I mean was out of happy meds and waiting to get more there for, fluttering around like a humming bird (on a mission mind you) or plopped down in bed like a sloth.

tomorrow, i will hopefuly be able to take a long lunch and hang out with the knitters in Loring Park, but we'll see. Who knows, we could get busy, but I hope not.

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Chris said...

I don't have any tips for getting rid of holes in SR heels (I always do heel flaps), but I do know that my first several pairs of socks DEFINITELY had holes at the corner of the gusset. Oh, 'tis bad to run out of happy meds... hopefully that's better?