Saturday, June 14, 2008


So the Blue Moonies were out in force in Loring park today. There was the Mama of the Grouch, Purple the Purly Girl, Jack to the Lean and Family, and Miss Britania.
(i like having fun with names)

We kept looking a people with bags to see if they were knitters. I road my new bike over from work and hung out for about an hour. It was fun and boy did I not want to go back.

I have vacation coming up that I planed on along time ago and now we don't have enough people to cover for that time... so what do we do? Well I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going on my damn va-ka because the powers that be knew about this a long time ago and I warned them that I was going and they were going to have to deal.

That doesn't mean I wont feel a little guilty if they don't find help, but it's go on vacation or burn down the store.

I know which one the owner would pick ;)

OOO I'm going to dye some more yarn tonight. I got some fun kool-aid colors and some knit picks dye-able sock yarn. It should be fun.

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Chris said...

D'oh - I forgot all about WWKIP today! I was on walkabout, enjoying the weather - it would've been easy enough to stop by.

Hopefully the current crazy storm doesn't cause you to jump and dye other than you planned. Hey, if you want to try Wilton's dyeing, I have a whole box of colors that you can have to play with. :) I've moved on to acid dyes.