Sunday, June 1, 2008

what to do.

So today I did a lot.

I got a massage this morning. It was really nice. I've needed one for a long time.

I also finished and photographed the mascot yarn socks from the "All Raveled Up" sock club. Just in time for the code-monkey yarn to get here soon :)

I also made the hat for the good karma swap. (i sent out my swapies package on friday). Soon a nice youngster will have a warm woolie hat.

But here is my problem. What do I do now? I want to knit something, but I know i should give it a rest for the evening. I'm not sleepy. I could clean the house :P No it's my only day off this week, I don't think i'll be using it to do that....

But really, I'm kinda at a loss here.


Chris said...

What did you find to do? I would've read. :) Cute hat! Where do you get massages? I need to start doing that regularly - it would help reduce my migraines. Need to find someplace that doesn't use a bunch of smelly candles and lotions, though, or it will make the migraines worse. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Heya mi dear! I'm your Jellybaby Swap Partner. Just to let you know, I'm here, and ponying up some DW goodies for your package. Will say though - the yarn I got for you is coming from the US, so I can't be sure when it'll arrive. If it looks like it may be late, I'll let you know, but I am definitely going to send you a parcel, so never fear.