Wednesday, May 28, 2008 e

K is for knits. This is the Green thing, otherwise known as the Nob Hill from this last issue of It turned out ok. I loved the feel of the Twinkle Soft Chunky in my hands and it feels pretty good on the back of my neck too. By, the by you can get it at Bella Lana for less than on line. Though it's still pricey. I love the button with this it's just the best button ever.

D is for depression. I had a bit of a down turn this weekend and first few days of the week. As I told a few people when begging for help at work (help as in enough bodies to the store wouldn't have to close) "I'm at the end of the rope, the knots been tied and my nails are getting bloody with the effort of hanging on." A bit graphic i know, but meh, some time you have to push the visuals on people so they will understand.

It was a bit better today. Though sleeping has been ruff.

AC is for anger customer. Now, here is a tip to people in the world.. If you don't understand something say so. If you feel like people are going to cheat you don't deal with them in the first place (we didn't). If you are upset, take a deep breath, and don't yell at the person trying to help/ figure out what the hell is going on, it only makes them less likely to help you.

even with that, it was an ok day a work really.

H is for HOUSE! the sweet happy, scary, cool thing that has been my happy light at the end of the tunnel. HT is meeting with the inspector tomorrow to go over things and then soon (boy do i hope soon) we will have a hard closing date and i can start preparing things. Oddly enough, I like packing. There is something fun and Tetris like about it.

oh and last but not least E is for enough, its appeared a lot in this... rant, thought, blog. so I thought I would say that it's the word of the day... er night.


sophanne said...

Packing = Tetris. Good one. Now moving the stuff = heavy- not quite so tetris-like

Chris said...

Hang in there!! I like the Tetris/packing comparison, too. You sound kinda underwhelmed by the green thing... ? It looks cool from what I can see!