Sunday, May 11, 2008

good times

Our friend the Dutchmen came for a brief visit this weekend. It was quite good seeing him. It made me a little wistful for the old college days....

Working at the Media Center checking out equipment. Staying up till all hours of the night just with the guys. Drinking. Making art everyday. Living, eating, breathing the damn stuff (art that is)

But things ain't so bad now. Our friend here is a truly published artist. You can see a tid-bit of his work here.
All the spring 08 MCAD grads got a copy of that book. All we got was a soon to tarnish business card holder. :P

On knitting related news,

I got more of the stash photographed and up on ravelry. I got a few things in hand for my good karma swap buddy. I got a pattern picked out (maybe) to knit up for the warm woomies folks. I got to walk with the Lady, after stopping at Needlework, for some tea. I got some pretty colored sock yarn either for socks for me or to make into a wrap. 2 skins of 400(ish) yard sock yarn should make a good wrap right?

I also got a few things ordered for my swap buddy and for K's Jayne hat. I'm pretty sure the colors will look good. I went with more muted tones than I've seen other people use.

Right, off to read the Adventures of Johnny Bunko.

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Chris said...

You have been so busy! Glad you got to spend time with a good friend - that's always restorative.