Sunday, May 4, 2008

long long week

So this is one of the reasons that this has been a very long week. That is me making a face next to my work. The silly tv I got to show it doesn't like to read the dvd, or any dvd... sigh.

But the turn out for the opening was pretty good. The party went on a little past 10pm. The food was really good too. I made lemon tarts with blueberries on top and they turned out really well.
This is HT and Rob at the opening. They stayed for quite a while.

Other things work wise have been making this a long week too. That and I think I was going through another depression down turn. But I'm feeling a bit more energized now.

I haven't even been knitting all that much.

Hum, To end this on a happy note lets talk about things that make me smile.

It was really nice out today. We went for a walk. The Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman video games are going to be coming out soon. They look super fun. We are going too look at houses today. And Flowers are blooming.

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Chris said...

Congrats on the opening!! Oy, the depression monster bites you, too? *sigh* I only made it outside to take out the trash today.