Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Haz ....

Raspberries!!!! That right, we have a nice full grown raspberry bush at our new house. We had a few, just to sample, this morning.

We aren't moving in yet. We will at the end of August. But I do have a key :)

So now HT and I are going to go to a movie to celebrate.

And next summer, Raspberry Tarts for all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sometimes I feel like Ed.

Like Ed from Cowboy Bebop that is.

This is the other shawl I'm working on. If you look you can see that there is a bit of a goof on the second repeat. But oh well there is a long way to go on it.

I've been feeling some what un-inspired to knit lately. I think it's just entropy taking hold.

I road my bike a bit today. I road it all around town. I went to the bank to get the check for the closing. Then a bit of lunch on the greenway. There are a lot of nice little gardens to sit and look at along there.

Oddly enough when I got home, i kinda dropped into a bit of a funk.

Though heading out to see the knitters always seems to perk up my mood.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

lots of things

So not a lot of knitting to write about, just a lot of things wandering about in my head.

The Leslie Warmers are finished (sans blocking). I'll be gifting them to Leslie on "hand over my f-ing house" day. It can't come soon enough. I want to move in!!!!!

So yah...

I've worked a bit more on the green lace shawl and a bit more on the Moma Rav Jaywalkers for Mom.

Though I'm not convinced that they will fit right.... not sure. They seem to fit the Lady (our friend with the little one who is at the moment living with us) ok. And the Lady is the same shoe size as Mom... so we'll see.

I just really haven't been inspired to do much lately. I would like to knit, but blah. I would like to go shooting, but blah. I would like to eat tons of cupcakes... opps.

That old get up and go spirit seems to be alluding me right now. I'm sure I'll find out where it's hiding. Perhaps on my bike ride into work on Sat... I'm sure "get up and go" will appear, on the ride, maybe.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Working on Lace

So this is the new knitty SeaScape Shawl. I have discovered that knitting on lace, for me at least, and watching a movie or listening to an audio book is ok. But pausing to scrumble a kitty as she hops up to see what you are up to, well that can be disastrous.

I was able to fix most of my mistakes after the Siren (AKA Kat-Butt, as she is known when she is being demanding) incident, but the right side of the first repeating diamond thing, well it's going to be a bit wonky.

I should use "life lines" i guess, but really i never seem to. I guess i don't mind the wanky ness so much. It's just a part of the prossess in my mind. If it's something that will damage the integrity of the knit, then it's re-done. If it's easy to get back to, then re-done. But If for the life of me I can't figure out where it's at, might as well leave it and continue on.

Maybe it just means i'm lazy. I admit that i am from time to time. Well back to working on the shawl. I'm going to wear it with the bridesmaid dress if its a bit windy or nippy that day.

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th, a day off

So today is July 4th and I'm not at work. Can you see the smile on my face?

This time next year we will be in our house, grilling and hanging out with friends... I really can't wait.

This picture is of the Hat that will be a gift soon. So I can't tell you what it is or who its for. All I can say is that shine sport is a wonderful yarn and I loves it.

I think I might make some finger less gloves out of it next just so I can feel it next to the skin.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 Jaynes

Mr Ducks MaGee, Ducky (the chick) and Nanuk are all modeling our 3 versions of the Jayne hat.

I got my first Knit Picks circular sock needles. I'm going to have learn how to knit socks on them.

Thank You MamaGrouch! I'm going to bring lots of yarn to look at next week. ;)