Sunday, July 6, 2008

Working on Lace

So this is the new knitty SeaScape Shawl. I have discovered that knitting on lace, for me at least, and watching a movie or listening to an audio book is ok. But pausing to scrumble a kitty as she hops up to see what you are up to, well that can be disastrous.

I was able to fix most of my mistakes after the Siren (AKA Kat-Butt, as she is known when she is being demanding) incident, but the right side of the first repeating diamond thing, well it's going to be a bit wonky.

I should use "life lines" i guess, but really i never seem to. I guess i don't mind the wanky ness so much. It's just a part of the prossess in my mind. If it's something that will damage the integrity of the knit, then it's re-done. If it's easy to get back to, then re-done. But If for the life of me I can't figure out where it's at, might as well leave it and continue on.

Maybe it just means i'm lazy. I admit that i am from time to time. Well back to working on the shawl. I'm going to wear it with the bridesmaid dress if its a bit windy or nippy that day.

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Chris said...

*makes mental note about dangers of kitties and lace*