Thursday, July 17, 2008

lots of things

So not a lot of knitting to write about, just a lot of things wandering about in my head.

The Leslie Warmers are finished (sans blocking). I'll be gifting them to Leslie on "hand over my f-ing house" day. It can't come soon enough. I want to move in!!!!!

So yah...

I've worked a bit more on the green lace shawl and a bit more on the Moma Rav Jaywalkers for Mom.

Though I'm not convinced that they will fit right.... not sure. They seem to fit the Lady (our friend with the little one who is at the moment living with us) ok. And the Lady is the same shoe size as Mom... so we'll see.

I just really haven't been inspired to do much lately. I would like to knit, but blah. I would like to go shooting, but blah. I would like to eat tons of cupcakes... opps.

That old get up and go spirit seems to be alluding me right now. I'm sure I'll find out where it's hiding. Perhaps on my bike ride into work on Sat... I'm sure "get up and go" will appear, on the ride, maybe.

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Chris said...

Hey, if you want to go for a walk sometime before you move out of the neighborhood, let me know. I'm finally managing to drag myself out regularly and it's helping my mood a lot.