Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babies, Hats, And a Domo

I've been trying to make more knit items for the shop.
I thought, hey Baby hats are quick and people like shopping for babies. So I when to whip a few out. I made 2 so far.
This one was frogged and re-knit into just stripes so maybe I only made 1 when you do the knitting math.

It seems that many people I know are having babies, have had babies or are talking about them. My pal Lisa is going to be having a baby girl any day now. Last time she was up her in Mpls we made tutus for the impending little one.

This is the yellow/brown one. It turned out pretty cute.

Babies are funny critters though.
They just grow so fast.
Here is little Issac my nefew just last year around... Sept? I'm bad with time.

He's a cute little guy though.
And her he is just last month wearing the space invaders bow tie I made for him.
They grow so darn quickly.

It always amazes me just how fast they change and which parts of their face/personality stay the same.

One critter that wont grow and change... Domo the baby hat model.

I don't have direct access to any babies to just pose for me when I need them too.
But it turns out that Domo's head it the perfect size to show off a just knit baby hat. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


I've been doing a little sewing. Its made me think about all the quilters rulers there are out there. I think if i'm going to continue with the Quilt Block of the Month, I may have to get a few more.

The square below came out very well.

I thought warm tones might be nice to work with.
It's called a string block because it would be made with scraps of fabric that were only a little wide there for good as string. Or so the teacher said.

The bad thing about doing a class on line, is that I don't have someone looking over my shoulder to stop me when I might be messing up.

Like the square below for instance.

The fact that one should always measure twice and cut once is not lost on me here. But it doesn't bother me enough to re do the block.
This is a learning experience after all and well, you can see that i'm learning.

Now the block below was measured right, but my seam allowance was off i think.
So i just squared it up to match the size of the rest of the blocks. The big chevron is supposed to have pints at the edge of the block. I think it looks kinda nice cut off.

I have had some sewing successes though.
I got some fabrics from Spoonflower.com and decided to make some pillows for the guest bed. They all turned out really well. They have a flap in the back so I can even take them off and wash them if need be.

All the guest so far have been very fond of the pillows.