Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babies, Hats, And a Domo

I've been trying to make more knit items for the shop.
I thought, hey Baby hats are quick and people like shopping for babies. So I when to whip a few out. I made 2 so far.
This one was frogged and re-knit into just stripes so maybe I only made 1 when you do the knitting math.

It seems that many people I know are having babies, have had babies or are talking about them. My pal Lisa is going to be having a baby girl any day now. Last time she was up her in Mpls we made tutus for the impending little one.

This is the yellow/brown one. It turned out pretty cute.

Babies are funny critters though.
They just grow so fast.
Here is little Issac my nefew just last year around... Sept? I'm bad with time.

He's a cute little guy though.
And her he is just last month wearing the space invaders bow tie I made for him.
They grow so darn quickly.

It always amazes me just how fast they change and which parts of their face/personality stay the same.

One critter that wont grow and change... Domo the baby hat model.

I don't have direct access to any babies to just pose for me when I need them too.
But it turns out that Domo's head it the perfect size to show off a just knit baby hat. :)

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