Friday, April 13, 2012

Yarn Shop Hop Day 1 part 1 (so many images)

So yesterday was the first day of the 6th annual Yarn Shop Hop of the Twin Cities and surrounding area. I say surrounding area because really, there was a lot of 'burbs in there.

So new knitter Bunger and I went out at 10am to the Coffee Shop NE and to the shops. I love the stopping into the coffee shop because everyone there is friendly and they always have tasty treats.

Across the street is Crafty Planet. They are my local shop that gets me in trouble all the time. Not only do they have tasty yarns, knit picks interchangeable needles, but tons of great fabrics.

They had a fun yarn and pattern. It is 2 skeins wrapped together and you can make matryoshka dolls or anything else like color block socks out of the skeins.

From there we headed to Amazing Threads in Maple Grove.
Now when I work out at the MG store I know how to get there to have a nice lunch break. Though you have to pass by a bunch of mounds of dirt to get there.

The next shop was Shepherd's Choice. They have tons of spinning stuff there. I was super happy to find that out because I just lost the orifice hook for my lady bug wheel. So I was able to get a replacement one.

Also, they had the some of the cutest knitted critters in their shop.

By now it was 11:30am, I think. But I figure 3 shops in 1 1/2 hours was making pretty good time. There were still 11 shops to go....

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