Friday, April 13, 2012

Yarn Shop Hop Day 1 part 2 (so many images)

Continued from part 1.

One of the nice things about the Shop Hop was the route I planed. We took a few hyws but mostly we went the more direct way which took us on some back roads.
There is a lot of cool stuff to look at on back roads, but we had plans so there was no stopping for shooting pictures.

There is always time for pictures at yarn stores though.
This was the Double Ewe, like a lady sheep. They had a really nice specialty yarn and pattern and it wasn't crazy $ so I go some. I'm starting to enjoy knitting with red earthy tones. I still don't really wear any though. Oh, they also had great yarn winding stations set up for winding up your bought yarn.

Then it was on to A Sheepy Yarn Shop* in White Bear Lake. They have rearranged the store since the last shop hop I did. It felt way more open and inviting. They had some Peruvian wool that was pretty but didn't have the feel that I enjoy knitting with.

Then we drove around White Bear Lake to get to Lila and Claudine's
Their knitted selves were out front to greet all the knitters on the hop.

The specialty yarn in their shop was very, very bright as you can see.
Again not quiet my thing, but Bunger found some yarn that he was looking for.
He's a scarf making fool.

3 more shops down. By now it was 1pm. Still making good time but getting hungry. If anyone is reading this and they are going to Lila and Claudine's when you buy something you get a 10% off coupon for the coffee shop next door. We really should have stopped in there.....

*there apears to be a problem with A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe's web page so that's a yelp link.

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