Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I've been trying to work on personal and shop stuff resently.

Here you see the progress I've made on the March sweater.

Though as I was working on it I noticed something.
A, that I had a helper and really need to keep my papers up.
(the yellow arrow)
B, that the written pattern and the photo on the pattern don't match up. It seems that the auther changed the pattern a bit after the sample was made. 
(green arrow)

I get that some times you rethink things, but if you are selling a pattern, please make the photographs match the written pattern. People buy patterns because of the photograph. If you change a chunk of it, retake the damn photograph. 

(hopping off soap box)

I finally started spinning Hoppers fluff. 
It would seem that the "long draw" method is the best for his shorter cut 100% angora stuff. I think it will have a really nice halo when plied up.  

 Though i was thinking of plying it with some white Alpaca.

I've been continuing with the quilt block of the month too. 
These are hexagon blocks. I think they turned out quiet well.  

Also it would seem that blogger has fixed some of the things that annoy me about working with it. So i'll stick around for now. 

Though there wont be much time for blogging. Art-A-Whirl is coming up and I'm going to be in a booth at the 331 club here in Minneapolis for 3 days. I need to make a lot more ties, handspun yarn, batts and maybe some knit toys before I'm ready to just sell my stuff for 3 days. 

Wish me luck, or better yet, come and see me. 

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