Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been a while

So its been a while.
What have I been up to?

Sewing things mostly.

I made this nice square Pom Pom scarf and a few hair-scarfs/headbands. 

I also convinced 2 of my friends to model them for my etsy shop. Don't they look cute. 

I've been doing art/craft fairs. The next one will be in July on the 22nd. Uptown has a market every Sunday and my friend Tiffany and I have done one so far. 

This is a photo of my half of the booth. 
Lots of cute stuff. 

You may be wondering what happened to the sweater that I was trying to make in a month.
Well it turns out that I really should have done the Large. 

While the medium, seen here, is pretty and my floats aren't too tight... its just too small.
I'm going to finish it. It is to pretty not to. But it looks like it may have to be given to one of my smaller friends/family. I hope they love it. 

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