Monday, June 29, 2009

I can haz...


After dropping of the rental car, I couldn't stop myself. I had to check out
the raspberry bush. There were some really nice berries ready to be eaten.
HT got a little worried that I had cut my finger again. :P Nope, just hungry.

This is the prettier picture. Washed and ready to eat. I just had to run
to the store to get yogurt to eat them with.

We got back from our last wedding (that we can get to this year) yesterday.
The kitties were well taken care of by Ms. Elise. Siren even warmed up to
her after a little while. The it was good to see all of HT's family. A few of
his aunts and uncles want to come up and see the house before HT
possibly breaks it.

I'll post pictures of the trip later this week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

is it just me or...

Does this look fun. It was. World Wide Knit in public day was good.
I did spinning, looked a knitting, got rid of some yarn and got a book.
When we were sitting around Powderhorn lake, there was an IceCream
truck driving around. It seemed... to fit, go with the the warm summer
afternoon, the park.

Tonight, as I was giving my plants a healthy drink, there was an IceCream
truck driving around the neighborhood. It's music, seemed off, and it
didn't seem to fit. Maybe after I've been here awhile it will, but tonight
it almost seemed sinister. Like it was the opening scene of some Steven
King story.

I've never been scared of clowns. I've never found them particularly
funny either. But if a clown had gotten out of that truck, I think I would
have been terrified.

Friday, June 19, 2009

the finger isd getting a little better.

Nathan, one of my employees, made this picture today.
I guess this is how he comically sees me.

My finger is getting a little bit better. But I'm kinda worried that
10 days wont be enough to really fix it... but we will see.

I'm going to try and take my spinning wheel over to Como tomorrow,
then Powderhorn. We'll see. I might be tricky to carry. But, I do want
to hang out with the ladies and the spinners.

After that there will be cleaning, and yard work. Oh the cleaning.
Mostly it involves picking up around the house. We aren't really dirty,
just really messy. It takes a while for things to get to their home.

Speaking of the home. It seems that no one has bought our re-mortgage
yet. That's ok, it's just a bit surprising really. Though I suppose the way
things are still going it's not that surprising.

Off to ... spin... look through stash... snooze... not sure but one of
those things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

DR Skiggles CD (cat doctor)

So Mom got back from something called a Wedding. She sat down at this
wheel thing right away.* I may have to get rid of it.
The wheel tried to take off one of my whiskers when all I was doing
was investigating the string.

Today Mom was out side for a bit. Then she came back in with this
white thing on her hand. I checked it out. There are 4 stitches.
This is going to make it hard to get head scratches,
but it does mean that the wheel will be left a lone for a while.
So I'm going to have to prescribe Mom lots of cat lap time.
that's all from Dr Siren Skiggels CD

* I would like to note that the kitties got lots of attention
when we got home and that I'm no longer friends with the hedge trimmers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A note to the public at large

Coffee shops are..
1) a place to get coffee and small snack
2) a place to have a sit
3) a SOCIAL gathering spot.

You see, they are not a library, they are not a quiet place to contemplate life
They are a place where people talk, laugh and listen to loud music (the
barista's can that is)

Now if you don't understand the idea of Social groups, go back to
kindergarten because that is where they teach people such things.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what's going on.

I've been going for walks around the neighborhood lately.
There are a lot of guardians on the houses around here.

This is a real head on the side of a house. They have a lot of neat
things in their yard and no their house.

This one is for Miss Chris. There is one on each side of the door. I think
if I ever get house guardians I want something like this.

I'm working my purple hand-spun into the Drop-Stitch Scarf. I think it will work
well with the thick and thing bits and show off the plying.
I've finished all the knitting and gotten a few more things for my little Sister's
wedding. Make-up = check, time off = check, Hair and eyebrow fix = check,
gifts and gift-bag = check
There are really only a few more things to do, but they will all have to be done
when we get down there.

On another note, i've been watching a little Vampire silliness lately.
True Blood, meh. Just a bit to much girl drama for me.
Twilight, oh good lord. talk about sap. So much sap. And what is with making
vamps not vulnerable to the sun. One of my friends is making quiet the hilarious
observations on Facebook as she listens to the audio books.

Well off to the knitting. And re-watching Dexter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it all started off with at Bee

No really, it did. I went out to check the garden this morning (it's a
pre-work habit now). Turns out that the Tomatoes are making flowers,
the strawberry plant is making a (singular, one ect) strawberry, and
the peppers, cucumber, eggplant and watermelon haven't died.

There were quiet a few honey bees buzzing around. This is a good thing
as the flowers will get pollinated and then bare fruit. There was, however
a very friendly Bee that seemed to think I was quiet interesting. Ht's advice
"Run like the wind, it's after you!" fallowed by chalking.

Thus started of the day of, semi-harmless weirdos. Really, there was
a drunk handless dude at 10am. Baby Daddy drama outside the Chambers
Hotel, but they are glad they are on Hennipen some times.

In knitting news, knitted gifts are almost done for Sister's wedding. (don't
worry, she wont be surprised that she is getting knitted things, just by what
they are.) I'm going to learn how to ply some of the yarn that I've been
spinning. So knitting and fiber are not being... too odd at all.