Monday, June 29, 2009

I can haz...


After dropping of the rental car, I couldn't stop myself. I had to check out
the raspberry bush. There were some really nice berries ready to be eaten.
HT got a little worried that I had cut my finger again. :P Nope, just hungry.

This is the prettier picture. Washed and ready to eat. I just had to run
to the store to get yogurt to eat them with.

We got back from our last wedding (that we can get to this year) yesterday.
The kitties were well taken care of by Ms. Elise. Siren even warmed up to
her after a little while. The it was good to see all of HT's family. A few of
his aunts and uncles want to come up and see the house before HT
possibly breaks it.

I'll post pictures of the trip later this week.

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Chris said...

Hmm. How is HT going to break the house?!