Sunday, July 5, 2009

spinning like a fool

This is some corriedale that I'm working on. It's a bit clumpy, but it's spinning
up nicely. I wonder how much it will make.

This is a smoother Corriedale that I spun up. It's about 1062 yards of
light fingering weight yarn. I think I might try making Aurburn-Camp shirt
out of it. We'll see how it swatches up.

This is the Marino Top that Ms PurplePurl gave me. It spun up quickly.
It's drying right now so we will see how much of it there is in a day or so.

The garden is going well. There are cucumbers starting to grow. The egg
plant has a flower on it so I might just get an egg plant later this year.
The basil is huge. The pumpkins are taking over. The watermelon is
trying to grow. And I really wish the tomatoes would ripen up. I want some.

I'm working on figuring out what to do with all the raspberries. I have jars
for canning. But the idea of heating up the house for that seem a bit much
right now. So, any good ideas for raspberry non-heavy duty boiling jam,
or tasty treats?


Chris said...

Maybe you could freeze some of the raspberries, for a midwinter delight?

Purple Purl Girl said...

I like basil. You can offload some to me on Tuesday. Also basil freezes well, chop up the leaves and put them in an ice cube tray then add water to make cubes and freeze 'em.