Tuesday, July 14, 2009

dreary days

It was a kinda odd day off. Had a Dr. appointment to pretty much say,
"So, how yah doing" "Ah pretty good" "Good, get some blood taken and
I'll see you in 3 months". I've got to be paying for a boat or something,
to bad I'll never get one myself. And that's all before 9am.

After that, it was rousting HT out of bed, taking him to work, getting more
kitty food (Grimlock was insistent that this was a priority). By 10am it was
time to relax and just knit. (knitting in WIP on side bar)

I thought I should clean up my work corner. Grimlock thought he would help.
There are a few needles that are getting replaced slowly with KnitPicks'
harmony wood needles. So far they are my favorite.

Also no needles were harmed in the organizing of the corner.

After that it was time for tea. What's better than tea on a day where it's
cloudy and windy and wants to rain but wont? Nothing but tea with a little
The mug agrees with me.

I tried to make raspberry tarts... it didn't work out super well.
They are tasty, but very runny. I might want to just look up a recipe one
of these days and go there. I'm pretty sure there will be enough berries to
experiment on for the rest of the summer. It might be fun even.

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Chris said...

I was just thinking how different your knitting needle picture would've been with Mayhem in it!