Wednesday, July 22, 2009

off week...

This week has been rather off.
It's hard to focus, hard to help folks, hard to just make since of things.
I know it's the depression, but knowing that doesn't help. breathing does...
a little.

Today on the way into work, i saw an injured bird on the ground.
It was just laying on it's back. Birds are not supposed to lay on their backs.
So I picked it up and set i down in the mulch to see if it could right itself.
It couldn't.
So i went inside, got a box and put the little guy in it. I know it's just a
common bird, but seeing it flap around like that, panicked, not able to be
safe... I couldn't just leave it.

When lunch coverage got to work I took it to the Wildlife Rehab Center.
It's not to far away from the house. I felt better, don't know if they can fix
the bird, but I did what i could to help.

The Norwegian tourists that were in the shop said that helping a
sparrow was good luck. I could use some. Here's to hoping the little guy
is ok.

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Chris said...

:( Get back, evil Depression Monster!