Friday, May 29, 2009

fallen down the rabit hole

Hehe, it's like a fluffy fibery cotton candy.
This is Fabjous Fibers, bfl in #7 Purple People Eater.
I'm about half way done with the 8 oz and I'm running out of bobbin.

I even have a little blister on my right hand pointer finger from spinning.
Think it's the way i'm holding my hands. Kinda funny really, didn't think i
could get hurt playing with yarn. :)

That memorial day sale at Borialus was just too much for me. Though
I'm really glad I picked this up.

As for a knitting up date....

My Spring Socks are done. They fit pretty well. I still haven't blocked them
yet. I think that the blocking will help to bring out the lace detail.

Well, that's all for now... the fiber fumes are calling.

Monday, May 25, 2009

learning new things

So this is how things looked after my first lesson.
Not supper pretty but getting there.
I've been kinda hooked. So today I spun the rest of the gray
lambs wool you see here.

Not too bad if i do say so. I kinda want to get the green roving and
start that up too. But I think I'm going to give it a day and work on some
project that need to get done.

So this is what Memorial Day looks like at our house.
After grilling in the back yard, we have 3 guys sitting and working
on 3 macs. Just a tad silly for such a nice day outside. Misty and I
decide to head outside and sit a bit. Some times the Sun is just too

Hope everyone had a good day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"All full up on Crazy, Thanks!"

So today was reather stupid at work.

Makes me think of all the thisils that keep trying to invade my
semi-orderly veggie garden.

This weekend is going to be learning to spin, planting zone 4 boxwoods
and just relaxing.

So, for your viewing pleasure here are some links to pretty things
I found at the Johnson St, Johnson Stock.

GoldHoax had some pretty clothes that are just neat.
Calissa Designs had some cool bags that I wish I had got one then.
And Crafty Planet has some 1yard fabric bags in case you need to up
your cool fabric stash. I know i do ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

flowers in the front

So I splurged a little and got some planters and more plants. I'm finding
that the idea of having pretty flowers around my house is making me a
little lose with my $. Which I shouldn't allowed.

We are going to re-close on the house loan tomorrow. We are getting a
better rate. From around 6.5% to 4.7%. It will help with the monthly
bills, but there is a hefty chunk of $ to shell out to get it.


I have a Siren sitting on my lap helping. It was so hot out today that
HT put on the AC when he got home. So now the Kitties are all about
the hugs and snuggles because it's not wicked hot in here. I really wish that the weather change was more gradual, but that's Mid-West weather for you.

I just hope that it will be nice for LS wedding. It would suck if it was super hot, windy or just not nice out.

I also hope that my plants can handle the new hot weather.

Cross your fingers that I don't kill my pot plants like I did the hanging
ones. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009


So here we have my Video Game Girl project displayed for Art-a-Whirl.
I was lucky enough to be aloud to show at a friends studio. It made this a
really long weekend, but it was worth it. A few more people saw the
project and hopefully more people will volunteer for the project.

I've been working on my summer socks. They are coming along quickly.
I might even have enough of the yarn left to do a short pair too.

I have been working on some idea's for the AM-Knitter's Guild swap that
i'm in. So far i'm happy with most of the idea and just have to finish a
few things up.

Also, Johnson Stock was this weekend too. It's basically a art/food/meet
people festival in NE on Johnson St. It was pretty fun and i got a neat
hand made bracelet that was made out of an old belt.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Harvests of yarn

This weekend Jaquelin and I went to Shepard's Harvest.
I wanted to get an Angora bunny, but HT talked me out of it.
Seems he think the kitties and the bunny might not get a long.

The is one of the little guys. He was cute and soft.

There was a lot of roving there. So I thought, if i want to get
a bunny to spin from eventually, maybe I should learn how to
spin first. So...

I got a Ladybug spinning wheel. I tried it out this morning.

I think I'm going to have to take some lessons. Getting the twist
and everything down is tricky. So if anyone knows a good
place to take lessons from, let me know.

It was really fun being around all that yarn and happy people. Maybe
next year it will be a little warmer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

another addition of....

Iki's pretty links. (as i'm working on things that can't be blogged about ;)

If you like comic you might like this web comic The Phoenix Requiem
Stumbled on this artist
SibylleD on
If I can't get my morning glories to grow I might make these.

I am knitting. I did even go to Knit Night last week.
There were witnesses.