Sunday, May 10, 2009

Harvests of yarn

This weekend Jaquelin and I went to Shepard's Harvest.
I wanted to get an Angora bunny, but HT talked me out of it.
Seems he think the kitties and the bunny might not get a long.

The is one of the little guys. He was cute and soft.

There was a lot of roving there. So I thought, if i want to get
a bunny to spin from eventually, maybe I should learn how to
spin first. So...

I got a Ladybug spinning wheel. I tried it out this morning.

I think I'm going to have to take some lessons. Getting the twist
and everything down is tricky. So if anyone knows a good
place to take lessons from, let me know.

It was really fun being around all that yarn and happy people. Maybe
next year it will be a little warmer.


Chris said...

You went to the dark side! I know that Shelly Hermanson's given lessons to Deb of Wound Too Tight...

Turtle said...

well, lol, you don't live in my neck o the woods so we can't go together to perfect things! That is on my list of to do 's as well! FLuffy bunny!