Wednesday, May 20, 2009

flowers in the front

So I splurged a little and got some planters and more plants. I'm finding
that the idea of having pretty flowers around my house is making me a
little lose with my $. Which I shouldn't allowed.

We are going to re-close on the house loan tomorrow. We are getting a
better rate. From around 6.5% to 4.7%. It will help with the monthly
bills, but there is a hefty chunk of $ to shell out to get it.


I have a Siren sitting on my lap helping. It was so hot out today that
HT put on the AC when he got home. So now the Kitties are all about
the hugs and snuggles because it's not wicked hot in here. I really wish that the weather change was more gradual, but that's Mid-West weather for you.

I just hope that it will be nice for LS wedding. It would suck if it was super hot, windy or just not nice out.

I also hope that my plants can handle the new hot weather.

Cross your fingers that I don't kill my pot plants like I did the hanging
ones. ;)

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Chris said...

*crossing fingers*

Yeah, I need to refinance, too. It's a pain, though.