Monday, May 18, 2009


So here we have my Video Game Girl project displayed for Art-a-Whirl.
I was lucky enough to be aloud to show at a friends studio. It made this a
really long weekend, but it was worth it. A few more people saw the
project and hopefully more people will volunteer for the project.

I've been working on my summer socks. They are coming along quickly.
I might even have enough of the yarn left to do a short pair too.

I have been working on some idea's for the AM-Knitter's Guild swap that
i'm in. So far i'm happy with most of the idea and just have to finish a
few things up.

Also, Johnson Stock was this weekend too. It's basically a art/food/meet
people festival in NE on Johnson St. It was pretty fun and i got a neat
hand made bracelet that was made out of an old belt.

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Chris said...

You had a festive weekend, too!