Saturday, January 26, 2008

To knit or not to knit....

(sorry not the best photo. The new camera that i won at work is not the best for the knit photos.)

Or what to knit.... that might be the question too my dear
Horatio(s).* Today I'm in a bit of a slump/funk/grump... not sure what really. I just feel tiered and don't really want to do anything, not even knit.

I did start the Noro Sock yarn sock yesterday and added to it today, but after cleaning and taking a nap, don't have the "Yah lets knit" or anything else feeling going on.
That and shouldn't I be knitting on the sock yarn sweater? I'm on the lace. That's like the 1/3 point... ish. Though I'm not sure i've got the pattern going right and even with a life line I'm loath to rip back. That and I'm not sure I like the lace pattern yet. I'm going to give it 2 repeats before i decide.

Well tomorrow is another day, the apt is almost clean and organized and I might even find my missing dashings.... sniffles.... they have been missing for a while. So until then, I'll be loafing around.

*I went to wikipedia to look up how to spell Horatio and they had Hamlet as their featured article. That just strikes me as funny.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

sniffles, knits and docs

Bit by bit we are getting there.

With the sweater, the nose and the head.

I'm on to the lace with the sweater. I've been having a hard time concentrating on it though, so it's a bit ruff right now. I might have to frog back to my life line and try again.

I'm on vacation right now. Originally that was so I could go down home to visit with the sister and her soon to be hubby. And the rest of the family of course. But this cold is hanging on for dear life and that mixed with snow (ie white outs) for the drive mean that i'm probably going to stay here this weekend. Though that's kinda depressing me a little bit as i feel like a failure for not going down.

It's silly, i know, and Doc and I are working on it. But I'm my own worst critic.

Speaking of critics. It seems that my old college, that i went to so I could leave and say proudly " I went there" chest puffed out and all, is taking it easy on students now. ie, they are just after those students $. So make sure you keep them in for as long as possible to drain them dry. *Sigh*

Right, So if i'm not going down home then I'm going to do something special here.
Maybe tomorrow i'll clean (no that's not the special thing) and then Sat, HT and I can dress up and eat a nice dinner and pretend we are at a fancy restaurant. (yes pretend seems a little silly but we are trying to save for a house and I like pretending.)

so.... i'm going to stop rambling now and get back to the lace.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I have the sickness

This my friends is how my nose feels. I have some sort of evil head cold that has made me a) lose my voice b) not sleep well c) cant hear well and d) (this one is kinda gross) blow something out of my nose that kinda looked like yellow brains.

But in happy news, my sweater is coming along. I have the sleeve holes sectioned off and i'm working on just the bodice right now. I may just finish it before this cold spell lets up. .... ah wishful thinking.

right oh, that's all for now.
back to knitting and maybe a nap.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"oh bother"

So at least the floppy hat is done.

But here is were the "Oh bother" comes into play.

The Neil Gaiman Magic Ball Swap is getting a little weird.
It appears that the partners are random, maybe possibly....
we don't know because the person who insinuated the swap has disappeared.

So I've started trying to figure it out.... I might get put off swaps like Yogurt and Granola is.

Ah well.

Oh and this photo is provided of one of my emps. I was just holding the extra flash and umbrella.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

it's been a while

Mostly I've been working on this. It's a bit longer now. I'm almost to the end of the first ball of yarn. I also have been working on the Subway Mits. Though I will use them on the bus. The gage i think is a little on the big side. I got gage on the first mit and then i tightend it up on the second, but they still needed some felting.

Oh and Guitar Hero is fun. Our buddy got it and well, I needs it!!! Ok, I don't need it, but it's really fun.

Though it's hard to knit and watch that.

There are a lot of stitches in this dang sock yarn sweater. I'm up to about 405 and I have 51 stitches to add before I get to start the sleeves. Oh well It will be super pretty when I'm done.

I really am enjoying the forums on ravelry. The nice thing about setting up a swap on there is that you can do it in your group and then if someone (say the leader) drops off the face of the earth you can still get things done. My partner for the Magic Yarn Ball/ Neil Gaiman swap is fun to chat with (wave). And because it's a reciprocal swap we can just make sure that we are on our ball, and not worry about everyone else's.

Right. Time for dinners. I'm still here, still knitting, still gaming, and still working on relaxation and de-stressing homework form the doc. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

thinking about Halloween 2008

How to make a White Mage al la Final Fantasy. (the game)

Well I have a few ideas. The shoes I have already decided, need to be red conserse. I know it seem silly, but that's what I want.

That and I'm not going to make the whole robe. I'm thinking the Princess Leia white outfit should be easy to adapt to my needs.

Now, the other problem with this costume is... well it needs more emblishments than you see in the picture other wise... well it would look pretty bad. (bad i could get my ass kicked bad)

I could also do Kaylee from FireFly. I would have to grow my hair back out. It would be pretty easy, colorful long sleave shirt, cover alls, tool belt, combat boots, aplicays added to cover alls. There wouldn't be any kicking of asses with that costume hopefuly...

ah well... I have time to think about this.