Friday, January 4, 2008

thinking about Halloween 2008

How to make a White Mage al la Final Fantasy. (the game)

Well I have a few ideas. The shoes I have already decided, need to be red conserse. I know it seem silly, but that's what I want.

That and I'm not going to make the whole robe. I'm thinking the Princess Leia white outfit should be easy to adapt to my needs.

Now, the other problem with this costume is... well it needs more emblishments than you see in the picture other wise... well it would look pretty bad. (bad i could get my ass kicked bad)

I could also do Kaylee from FireFly. I would have to grow my hair back out. It would be pretty easy, colorful long sleave shirt, cover alls, tool belt, combat boots, aplicays added to cover alls. There wouldn't be any kicking of asses with that costume hopefuly...

ah well... I have time to think about this.

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Nutmeg said...

I was thinking of being the same thing. :] searching on google brought me here... haha.