Sunday, January 13, 2008

it's been a while

Mostly I've been working on this. It's a bit longer now. I'm almost to the end of the first ball of yarn. I also have been working on the Subway Mits. Though I will use them on the bus. The gage i think is a little on the big side. I got gage on the first mit and then i tightend it up on the second, but they still needed some felting.

Oh and Guitar Hero is fun. Our buddy got it and well, I needs it!!! Ok, I don't need it, but it's really fun.

Though it's hard to knit and watch that.

There are a lot of stitches in this dang sock yarn sweater. I'm up to about 405 and I have 51 stitches to add before I get to start the sleeves. Oh well It will be super pretty when I'm done.

I really am enjoying the forums on ravelry. The nice thing about setting up a swap on there is that you can do it in your group and then if someone (say the leader) drops off the face of the earth you can still get things done. My partner for the Magic Yarn Ball/ Neil Gaiman swap is fun to chat with (wave). And because it's a reciprocal swap we can just make sure that we are on our ball, and not worry about everyone else's.

Right. Time for dinners. I'm still here, still knitting, still gaming, and still working on relaxation and de-stressing homework form the doc. :)

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