Sunday, June 7, 2009

what's going on.

I've been going for walks around the neighborhood lately.
There are a lot of guardians on the houses around here.

This is a real head on the side of a house. They have a lot of neat
things in their yard and no their house.

This one is for Miss Chris. There is one on each side of the door. I think
if I ever get house guardians I want something like this.

I'm working my purple hand-spun into the Drop-Stitch Scarf. I think it will work
well with the thick and thing bits and show off the plying.
I've finished all the knitting and gotten a few more things for my little Sister's
wedding. Make-up = check, time off = check, Hair and eyebrow fix = check,
gifts and gift-bag = check
There are really only a few more things to do, but they will all have to be done
when we get down there.

On another note, i've been watching a little Vampire silliness lately.
True Blood, meh. Just a bit to much girl drama for me.
Twilight, oh good lord. talk about sap. So much sap. And what is with making
vamps not vulnerable to the sun. One of my friends is making quiet the hilarious
observations on Facebook as she listens to the audio books.

Well off to the knitting. And re-watching Dexter.


Eryka Jackson said...

How did they get the head up there?

Chris said...

I love the kitties! Thanks. :)

I haven't seen True Blood and am not sure I want to - but Blood Ties (Canadian), ah, that's another story.

Jacqueline said...

Whoa, already making stuff with the spun yarn, you are so advanced! You can turn fluff into a GARMENT, that is pretty sweet.